One Shots


Music of the Night

Eleven-year-old Ginevra Weasley is having a hard time of it during her first year at Hogwarts. On the one hand, Harry Potter seemed barely to know she existed. On the other, queer things were happening to her and around her. As she struggles to understand the unfolding events, she turns to the one friend she knows she can trust...the memory of a boy named Tom Riddle.  

There You'll Be

The last battle of the second war has been waged between Harry Potter and Tom Riddle, and it turns out that neither could live regardless of whether the other survived. As the Wizarding world reels from the loss of their greatest sources of hope and fear, Ginny Weasley must learn to live her life without the man she has loved since she was a child. 


 A year after the defeat of Lord Voldemort, Harry has retreated so far into himself that even his surviving friends can't seem to reach him. Will Ginny get there in time, or is it already too late? 


 This is a companion piece to the songfic "Unwritten" since so many have asked me for a sequel. Three years have now passed since Harry and Ginny found one another again. As they celebrate the anniversary of their reunion and the rest of the world celebrates the anniversary of Voldemort's defeat, their greatest hope yet prepares to enter their lives. 

The Die is Cast

 How much of the past can excuse the choices a person makes in the present? This is the story of a young boy...and the monster he became. 

A Place for Dobby

Missing Moment from GoF: Dobby and Winky comes to Hogwarts, and after some hard bargaining on both sides, terms are agreed upon for their employment.